The biggest mistake you’re making while hiring developers— Compromising

Look at the right data, beyond credentials and availability

When recruiters hunt for resumes of a particular skill set, job portals are their first go-to platform. These websites are flooded with job seekers who have uploaded their resumes during the period of their job search.

Test real skills that matter

We’re all looking for full stack developers. What we need is someone who would take charge of the development of a project from start to finish.

The only way to gauge if someone writes good code is to see if they do and not to guess if they

While taking interviews, senior candidates exhibit extensive experience and most probably impress when spoken to, but it’s awkward to ask them to take a technical test because of their level of seniority. It’s no surprise that some candidates may not fare well if the had taken a practical test.

A high bar of quality doesn’t have to mean that it leads to dissatisfaction

When you give out a take home technical test, only 10% of the applicants really go through with it. It may not seem fair to them, and with good reason.

  • Is my effort worth the time, if this is just a way to screen candidates
  • My time is worth something. I should be paid to take a test.
  • I simply don’t have that much time on my hands

Testing through projects has to be interactive and engaging to restrict drop-offs

Technical rounds take a lot of effort.

  • Setting up the assignment
  • Analysing the code
  • Discussing the output

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