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Codejudge is a Code Simulation Platform that automates the tech interview process by using real world tech projects to
capture skill data.

This allows companies to build their tech teams 6x faster and reduces the chance of misfits, by capturing functional and code quality data points. This is done through code sandboxes that allow us to code real world applications to accurately simulate day one experience.

Our mission is to re-invent hiring like a AWS service-scalable, reliable, cost efficient and free of any bias.

Our Manifesto

Technical Hiring is broken:

Your hiring process should assess on-the-job skills and core competencies, not just the ability to solve puzzles.

Standardized Testing is important:

Technical hiring decisions should be based on data driven reports and structured rubrics and not on randomised tests.

Candidates deserve more:

We believe that the hiring process should enable an experience that aids learning for the candidates and provide them with quality feedback.

Hiring should not be a core competency for companies:

Developer time should be spent in building projects and not interviewing candidates.  Companies should be able to outsource technical hiring.

Hiring should be inclusive and bias free:

Credentials, educational and work backgrounds aren’t everything. Bias free testing is important to build diverse and inclusive teams driven towards innovation.

Hiring processes should focus on strengths:

We believe your hiring should focus on understanding strengths and not discovering weaknesses.

Our Team

Co-founder and CEO.

Akhil Mittal

Co-founder and CEO
Akhil has worked for multinational banking company and early-stage workspace solution startup: Citi and Smartenspaces in India. His direct experience is in product and engineering roles. His areas of expertise are building robust and scalable enterprise products and ensuring customer satisfaction.
Chief Sales Officer

Chirag Mewada

Chief Sales Officer

Our Investors

Investor image, Rajan Anandan

Rajan Anandan

Managing Director, Sequoia India
Investor image, Asha Motwani

Asha Motwani

DotEdu Venture (Google, Paypal) &
Angel Investor
Investor image, Harish Behl

Harish Behl

Founder & Chairman, Smile Group

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Codejudge is the one stop solution for all your learning and recruitment needs, Accelerate Tech Hiring and Hire the best technical talent.

Codejudge speeds up technical recruitment and boosts your learning systems. Automate your technical assessments and get yourselves a skill accurate talent pipeline today.

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