Skill based Resumes


Above is how a resume looks like since 90th century, Where people write about their college, about the roles in their past company and the projects they worked on. What legacy resume miss is how good you were at your job, what did you do in the project and well no one cares about you college grade. Well resumes are the first point of contact between recruiter and candidate. Resumes are text curated by Applicants which have no credibility and authenticity.

What matter to a company and recruiter is you skill. How good are you at the job ? What did you build in the project you described ?

It doesn’t matter who you are or where you came from, Only thing that matters is your Skill

At codejudge we plan to create a differnt kind of resume, one that only cares about your Skill, A Resume that you build buy solving real world problems, by making projects that solves real problems from various industries. Where you get data points that are crutial for Software Developemnt, How

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Switch the the future of resume which has projects build and tested on real life sceanrios, which has details for quality of project delivered and metrics around the code quality. Get real life resume for the developers you hire at Codejduge