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Tech Assessments based on Real World Full Stack Projects

Codejudge helps you find the right developers through automated real world assessments using Java, Python, Node.Js, React, Angular and many more! 

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Great companies are built by great developers

Accurately assess developers through real world tech projects without evaluating a single line of code

Job specific test wizard

Job based Test Wizard

Automatically generate assessments based on your job description in order to verify the technical skills you are looking for.

Create your own real-world tech assessments

Manually create tasks & tests

Use your code base to create your own coding tasks, to model the real tech challenges you’re hiring for. 

Fully customisable process

Everything is 100% customizable

We let you create your own programming tasks, edit our tasks, mix it all together or simply use our predefined tests – it is up to you.

Frontend, backend and mobile assessments

Frontend, backend and mobile

Codejudge allows you to test coding skills in frontend, backend and mobile technologies – all in one place.

Data-driven candidate reports on 127+ code metrics

Candidate Reports

We capture 127+ code quality data points along with integration level test cases that help you capture functional and non functional use cases. 

Positive candidate experience

Positive Candidate experience

Our coding tests resemble real life work experience and tests coding skills, not academic knowledge. 

Anti-plagiarism measures

Plagiarism Detection

Our plagiarism detector along with other proctoring solutions ensures checks for copied codes and other malpractices. 

Whitelabeling for co-branding


Employee branding is very important, that is why you can add a company logo be visible for the candidate in the test.

Make hiring decisions driven by data, not guesswork

IDE loved by developers

Unparallel candidate experience

Developers can complete assessments using their own integrated development environment (IDE) or a Web IDE, giving them every opportunity to showcase their best work.

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Report-Real world project-Technical hiring

Deep developer Profiling with Code analysis

Data-driven insights

We capture 127+ code quality data points along with integration level test cases that help you capture functional and non functional use cases. 


Stop wasting time on the wrong candidates 

Hire in hours, instead of days

No manual effort: Top scorers are streamlined automatically with easy to understand visualized reports.

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What is Real World Project Based Testing?

Real World Assessments use a methodology that mirrors the actual work developers do to give you a view of their coding skills in action.  We believe programmers should be assessed based on skills required in the job. With Codejudge you can simulate real-world applications like cab searches, movie bookings and other such tech projects. 

How is Codejudge different from other assessment platforms?

While most assessment platforms are built to test computer science and fundamentals skills of a developer, codejudge was built to predict the proficiency of a developer by using a first principle approach of giving real world problems( eg. feature or bug). This helps us get data on software development skills. .

What languages does Codejudge support?

Codejudge supports major programming languages such as Java, Python, Ruby, Node.js, Angular, React, Javascript, Android and Value js. You can use technologies those languages use as well.

Does Codejudge offer any other tech hiring solutions?

Along with real world assessments also provide remote hiring solutions through our Developer Campaigns. In this, we build a pipeline of candidates who match your hiring needs, assess them based on your tech standards and deliver pre-vetted candidates to you directly to your inbox.


Codejudge is the one stop solution for all your learning and recruitment needs, Accelerate Tech Hiring and Hire the best technical talent.

Codejudge speeds up technical recruitment and boosts your learning systems. Automate your technical assessments and get yourselves a skill accurate talent pipeline today.

Integrate your organization with our job-driven and real-world project based learning suite

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