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Eliminate wasted onsites and reduce time to hire with Codejudge

Evaluate on-the-job skills and not just puzzles

Codejudge’s microprojects assess for essential software engineering skills, leading to a 3x improvement in onsite-to-offer rates for many of our partners.

Reclaim engineering time lost to interviewing

Our partners have replaced up to 100% of their pre-onsite interviews with Codejudge.

Stop missing out on great candidates

Top talent applies to Codejudge to get fast tracked to the entire cohort of companies. Their performance is evaluated against a well-defined rubric to enable hiring managers to make data-backed decisions with confidence.


Stop wasting time on wrong candidates

Codejudge recommends the most relevant candidates by lining up the requirements of your open positions with the actual quantifiable skills of candidates.


We test languages, frameworks and libraries. Others don't.

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8K Per Month
  • Unlock upto 20 reports for free
  • Access to proprietary skills data
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  • Get recommended qualified candidates
  • Get an account manager
  • Pay only if you hire

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  • 5 Users
  • Test up to 25 candidates/month
  • Access to test library
  • Backend Technologies
  • Frontend Technologies
  • Mobile Technologies
  • Plagiarism Detection
  • Job based test wizard
  • 1 Coding Contest/month
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  • 5 Users
  • Test up to 75 candidates/month
  • Access to basic test library
  • Backend Technologies
  • Frontend Technologies
  • Mobile Technologies
  • Plagiarism Detection
  • Job based test wizard
  • Custom Question Library
  • 2 Coding Contests/month
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  • Unlimited users
  • All features of scaleup plan
  • Customer Success Manager
  • Access to premium test library
  • Co-branding
  • Access to Talent Directory
  • Benchmarking Engine
  • Custom workflows
  • Coding Contest Support
  • Custom Coding Contests
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We work with tech giants and startups alike

” Because we can avoid the technical screen, Codejudge saves us over a week of scheduling and back and forth.”
Rameshwar Gupta
                                                             CTO, CarDekho SEA
  • 46% onsite to offer ratio

    Codejudge provides us with a writeup and score that shows how well a candidate performed on their technical screen, giving us a pretty good idea of how someone will perform in our interview. It allows us to rely less on candidate resumes and bring top quality candidates on-site, regardless of their background or past experience.

“Being is a middle stage startup, we get a lot of applications but we never have enough resources to screen them. We partnered with Codejudge to meet our hiring goals alongside our product goals”

Jayakrishnan GK, Technical Lead

  • 62% onsite success

    We partnered with Codejudge as we were looking to meet our hiring goals and at the same time couldn't lag behind on our product cycles.

  • Strong Candidates

    Codejudge has provided a robust volume of candidates that might not apply to Elucidata through our traditional channels. Codejudge gives us a chance for us to be in front of great candidates when they are actively looking for a job.

The 2020 way

to hire engineers

On Codejudge, developers go through a rigourous technical evaluation. 

Enabling us to match you only with talent of the highest caliber.

Of the more than 10,000+ people apply to join the Codejudge Talent Directory, fewer than 5% make the cut.

  • Hire Vetted Developers
  • Hassle free hiring in 1-2 weeks
  • Role-Specific Competencies
  • Detailed Skill Report
  • Simple, Cost-Effective Pricing

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