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Codejudge’s live coding environment is the #1 interview tool that interviewers and candidates deserve. This platform enables you to conduct online interviews on a collaborative code editor to calibrate the candidate's coding calibre

Judgepad — Decode Candidates’ Coding Skills

The one-stop technical interview platform!

You will find everything you need to make your interview experience worthwhile on Codejudge’s live coding platform

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Make coding interviews Simple, inclusive and fun!

Test an applicant’s ability to code in real-time and interpret capabilities almost instantaneously. 

Customised interviews
Configure and customize your own interview
(technologies, duration etc.,)
Code recording and playback
Code playback for retrospective evaluation
Candidate video recording
Video recording for candidate performance analysis
Real Time communications, audio, video, text
Real time AVT
(Audio, Video, Text)
communication for seamless information exchange

Ease your process. Seize the best talent