Judge skills in real-time with
Interviews on Judgepad!

Judgepad is a real-time coding interview platform that’s crafted to ease your efforts and beat all the odds with even prices!

This enables a real-time review of the candidate's skills to match your criterion!

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<span style="color:#3a526f;">Judge skills in real-time with 
Interviews on Judgepad!</span>

Judgepad, a virtual coding interview platform that is totally Rad!!

Judgepad is a co(de)-judging platform from codejudge that enables real-time online coding interviews.
Judgepad acts as a conducive environment to conduct online interviews on a collaborative code editor to calibrate candidate’s coding calibre.


Coding interviews were never this inclusive & simple!

Judgepad is a real-time coding interview tool that allows you to examine an applicant’s ability to code and dissect capabilities almost instantaneously. This will save a ton of your engineering time and replaces the whiteboard anxiety and awkwardness – which is known to upset even the brightest of developers.


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