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Codejudge allows developers to discover tech job they derserve with niche Technology companies.

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real world scenarios

Most of the questions are modelled after real life developer tasks.

code metrics

We provide code quality metrics which helps to identify strengths and weakness of a candidate.

talent pool

You can hire the right developer with Microproject based test without involving your developer team.


Make developer hiring efficient with Codejudge

Recruiter’s can easily use the curated talent pool or send a Microproject based on their Industry, Technology and Delivery Area from a list of micro projects and get a report comprising of the performance on test cases (Functional Requirements) and Non Functional Metrics like Design Patterns used, Code Smells, Bugs and Code Quality. Codejudge provides a real insight into his developer proficiency.

"Using Codejudge we found talent that required very minimal on-site interviews, also for inbound applicants we could pre filter a lot of candidates."

  • Sumit Jain, Birdeye

Get Discovered by showing off you development skill with Codejudge

Codejudge provides a platform for practicing real world problems. As you build these micro projects you learn aspects of software developemnt and get real time feedback. This skills helps you get ahead in you carrier. You can choose from Backend, Fronend or Mobile Projects.

"Using Codejudge I could find nice Startups to work for and it also helped advancing my coding carrier by practicing real world scenarios."

  • Avikant Gupta, Adobe

A Tool to make your hiring process efficient.

Codejudge makes it easy to evaluate skills of a developer.


Save Cost

On an average, it takes about 30 hours for Interviewer to evaluate a candidate, using our product you can save this time

Problem Solving

Our Micro Projects designned in way that help you capture real world problem solving capabilities of a developer.

Hiribility Metrics

Our product enables you to capture metrics that are impossible in short span of Interview.

Highly Scalable

It requires next to zero effort by tech team to evaluate a candidate.

It's Time to switch to future of Skill Assessment

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