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Codejudge has the best real world projects to evaluate developer skills and make data-driven hiring decisions

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Our Unique Offerings

For Enterprise

Assess and hire developers across all roles based on skills and nothing else, using proprietary Real World Micro-Project Technology. Automate your technical assessments today!

For Universities

Evaluate your students with job driven technical assessments, equip them with the Most in-demand tech skills in the market and get them job-ready.

For E-learning

Power your learning systems with our Technology Learning Suite. Take a deep dive into the knowledge of backend, frontend, mobile app and DevOps software development, and Algorithm and Data-Structures with Codejudge.

For Hiring Marketplace

Test with our best-in-class real world micro projects and get data-driven insights of developer skills on 127+ code metrics. Automate your assessments and transform your developers into top performers.

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