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Assess and hire developers across all roles based on skills and nothing else, using proprietary Real World Micro-Project Technology. Automate your technical assessments today!

Evaluate your students with job driven technical assessments, equip them with the Most in-demand tech skills in the market and get them job-ready.

Power your learning systems with our Technology Learning Suite. Take a deep dive into the knowledge of backend, frontend, mobile app and DevOps software development, and Algorithm and Data-Structures with Codejudge.

Participate, Code and Get Job Offers. Codejudge helps to engage developers from large communities to show their skill by solving Coding Challenges and get assured interviews.

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Codejudge is the one stop solution for all your learning and recruitment needs, Accelerate Tech Hiring and Hire the best technical talent.

Codejudge speeds up technical recruitment and boosts your learning systems. Automate your technical assessments and get yourselves a skill accurate talent pipeline today.

Integrate your organization with our job-driven and real-world project based learning suite

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