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Stories At Codejudge

Win Technical Hiring With Codejudge!

Engineers are winning in 2021, and Codejudge helps you win 10x talent!

Win Technical Hiring With Codejudge!

India Enters Talent Bidding Contest!

As candidate shopping offers increase, hiring talent has just gotten expensive; Codejudge has just the plan to deal with it!
India Enters Talent Bidding Contest!

We Are Changing The Tech Hiring Game!

Tech hiring has always been a solid game to play, with frequent impediments such as mis-hiring, high cost, loss of time.

Judgepad — Decode Candidates’ Coding Skills

At Codejudge, we strive to build hiring solutions that allow businesses to thrive with talent.

Reengineering Recruitment, A Systemic Rebirth

Recruitment under the aegis of the traditional hiring system has toppled in this age of a pandemic.

Trell’s transition to data-driven automated tech hiring

Trell is turning over a new leaf with the wave of digitization sweeping across the nation.
Trell Hiring

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