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Codejudge supports 50+ technologies and frameworks for backend, frontend, mobile apps and DevOps roles, and 15+ programming languages

Our practical assessments carve out real developer skills.
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Assess with Real-World Skills

Build assessments with real-world problem-based micro-projects across 50+ technologies and frameworks for backend, frontend, mobile apps and DevOps roles.

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Conduct Technical & System Design interviews in real-time on our collaborative coding platform

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We believe challenges ensure growth and empower talent with newfound skills. Run dexterity-packed Hackathons with Codejudge and create new frontiers in Technology

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Hiring Marketplaces are pacing towards scaling up the global economy and top talent will put you ahead of the pursuit


Codejudge is the one stop solution for all your learning and recruitment needs, Accelerate Tech Hiring and Hire the best technical talent.

Codejudge speeds up technical recruitment and boosts your learning systems. Automate your technical assessments and get yourselves a skill accurate talent pipeline today.

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